Minggu, 16 Juni 2013


Well,this is not my first time experience in blogging,but it's my first time experience writing blog content in English.And also my first time experience blogging and used it for Adsense.So,forgive me if you find something wrong with my writing and  its content :D
So, a quote from Indonesian people said that you wouldn't love someone till you know them.That's why im gonna introduce myself.
My name's Astari Mirna Cahyani.I'm 17 years old right now.I'm from Indonesia and currently lives in East Java,Indonesia.Well i like good music , good movies , delicious foods and travel.
Im going to write one of my one favorite things to do ,Travelling.Eventhough i never visit a lot of places that spread around the world,even in my country,I always want to do so.
It just the time and the money that never works out :D.
So,maybe i'm not a true "travelista" buat i do have a passion on it.Based on my dreams,im going to write stuff that still related to places around the world.And maybe put some non-related writing beside that,in case it got boring for you to read them :D
And im not going to write regularly cause i need some inspiration too you know and also im still a senior high school student :3
So,enjoy :D